Road Blocks and Detours Facing Incarcerated and Formerly-Incarcerated Survivors


Road Blocks and Detours Facing Incarcerate and Formerly-Incarcerated Survivors: Women Charged with and/or Convicted of a Criminal Offense


Women who are returning to the community following a period of incarceration commonly face uncertainty about where they can live, how they will support themselves, whether or not they will reconnect with family, and how they will manage their health. Survivors need your respectful inquiry, active listening, and a commitment or willingness to support their healing process and re-entry into a community or new home.


This experiential training activity assists participants in understanding the many barriers that domestic and sexual violence survivors encounter when they become involved in the criminal legal system. The scenarios used in Road Blocks and Detours reflect the many stories survivors have shared with programs and coalition staff over the course of many years. These stories illustrate the complexity of the many obstacles survivors encounter in attempting to be free from violence while still complying with the various requirements of the criminal legal system.


This exercise is designed to allow participants to experience the issues, emotions, fears, and hurdles that incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated trauma survivors face each day. Participants play the role of a survivor and learn about the different issues facing women as they return to their friends, family, criminal legal system, supportive services and the community at large.


To learn more about this project follow this link or contact us at (517) 347-7000. Agencies may also use this number to schedule a training date.


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