One Thousand Prevention Leaders Campaign

The One Thousand Prevention Leaders campaign aims to build supporters from every community in Michigan. 


The One Thousand Prevention Leaders campaign invites everyone (men, women, youth, business leaders, community leaders, and civic leaders) to take our pledge and share the message every day. We ask you help us leave a legacy that every child will inherit a world that:


  • Respects women and children
  • Values equality
  • Promotes values of non-violence and respect
  • Believes everyone needs to be strong and never commit, condone or remain silent about violence
  • Ensures children have the right to safe homes, neighborhoods, and communities


Since 1978, MCEDSV supports communities throughout Michigan in strengthening their prevention and social change efforts.  MCEDSV provides assistance in designing strategic prevention initiatives, tools, and alliances for preventing domestic and sexual violence.  You impact our work and we appreciate your support! 


To join our One Thousand Prevention Leaders Campaign, please follow this link.

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