Statewide Prevention Plan and Executive Report

Intimate partner and sexual violence are critical issues that call for community-oriented approaches to stopping violence before it starts. The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCEDSV) works with many statewide and national groups to help professionals, advocates and volunteers to reach-out to all communities to prevent the potential first-time occurrence of intimate partner and sexual violence.


The Statewide Prevention Plan and Executive Report of the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Steering Committee (PSC) highlights these three goals:  

  • Ensure state and local resources for primary prevention of intimate partner and sexual violence
  • Elevate the profile of primary prevention as a priority policy issue
  • Communities will work together to bring about the needed social change to end intimate partner and sexual violence


Definitions used by the PSC:


Primary Prevention- reduces the incidence of intimate partner and sexual violence by changing the societal norms, practices and behaviors that support the perpetration of abuse. The emphasis of primary prevention efforts is on preventing new cases of abuse from occurring.   


Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) – is a pattern of coercive and controlling behavior that one partner uses on another to gain or maintain power and control. This can happen in a marital, dating, or cohabitating relationship. It can also happen between current or former mates. These behaviors may include physical or sexual assault, emotional abuse, isolation, economic coercion or abuse, threats, stalking or intimidation and more. IPV can occur in any relationship, heterosexual or same-sex couples.


Sexual Violence (SV) – is any sexual act that happens against someone's will. SV can be physical, verbal or emotional. It includes intentional touching of genitals, anus, groin or breast against a victim's will or without consent. This includes voyeurism, exhibitionism, or unwanted exposure to pornography. The perpetrator can be a stranger, family member, friend, intimate partner or an acquaintance.


Prevention Brochures available for download:

Prevention Plan Brochure (in English)


Prevention Plan Brochure (in Spanish)


Prevention Plan Brochure (in Arabic)


Executive Report available for download:

Executive Report on Prevention (in English)


Executive Report on Prevention (in Spanish)


Executive Report on Prevention (in Arabic)




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