Team Collaboration Report Notes

Please work in a team with persons from your region or community with whom you have worked and/or plan to work to address the matter of domestic violence.


Please select one member of your team to record the team's work in the areas listed on the front and back of this page, and on the pages of this workbook related to workshop activities with regional teams.


Please select one member of your team to report on the items below at the end of today's workshop.

1.  Team member's names and organizations:

2.  After working together to design an Action Plan to bring about your intended change, please make notes describing the following parts of your strategic plan:

  • Your goals and objectives:
  • Your plans for obtaining resources:
  • The specific actions you will take to bring about your intended change:

3.  Please make any notes on your team's thoughts regarding the actual implementation of the above in this order:

4.  Please add notes on the following next steps in your team's plan:

  • How will you evaluate your success?
  • What will your next steps be?
  • Will you celebrate the process? How?
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