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In Times Like These Self-Care Is Essential

This is an unprecedented time in which we’re all being called to practice social distancing. This may mean staying at home, or you may be going into work as an essential member of society who is maintaining our ability to function through this crisis. Then once you’re able to be at home you practice social… [ Read More ]

Today We Mourn RBG, Tomorrow We Fight For Her Legacy!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RBG. Notorious RBG. She is a symbol of determination, equity, and change. A true feminist icon, RBG’s legacy to enhance women’s liberation is unparalleled. While RBG’s legal contributions have shaped our nation, her influence expands far beyond the legal realm.   Her empowerment transcends generations of people and her popularity has led… [ Read More ]

It’s Okay To Give Yourself Some Love

This is part of a series of blogs for Sex Ed For All Month and International Masturbation Month.  Masturbation goes by many names: solo sex, self-love, intimate alone time, lone rangering, finding Nemo, petting the cat, nulling the void, cuffing the carrot, waxing the dolphin (and many others ). Those of you that know me, … [ Read More ]

Sex Education in Schools and Beyond!

Here’s the deal on Sex Ed in Schools: It’s critical to examine how sex education is facilitated within school systems to understand why we have to advocate for sexual health and education to be facilitated beyond the educational school system. Not only does sexual education vary between school systems across the U.S., but it also… [ Read More ]

Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting Shows The Least Protected Woman In America Is Still The Black woman

Post Originally Published By Jasmine Ivanna Espy On TheFader.Com On Saturday, July 11, Megan Thee Stallion posted live footage of her, Tory Lanez, and Kylie Jenner hanging by the pool in Los Angeles. A few hours later, at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, police arrested Lanez for a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle…. [ Read More ]

This is The Big Deal About Victim Rights

At our most vulnerable and dependent on another, there are some things we may universally expect in the way of support: to not be embarrassed or exposed either for needing support or because of the situation, that the person assisting is interacting with you and not ignoring you, to be educated about whatever the steps… [ Read More ]

UMOJA’s Open Letter To The Community

Dear Community,   It is with heavy hearts that we pen this open letter to our community. We particularly recognize the advocates and survivors, who we work on behalf of and intentionally join voices with, who are on the margins within our movement. While our movement and the world released statements about racism and police… [ Read More ]

Governor Whitmer Signs Bill for Supplemental   Funding to Support COVID-19 Response  

  Today, Governor Whitmer signed Senate Bill 690, which appropriates nearly $880 million in federal funding to support various COVID-19 response actions across the state.   The supplemental budget includes a number of provisions that allow assist Michigan in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, help small business weather the difficult economic conditions created by COVID-19,… [ Read More ]

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