Hotline Chat Terms of Service

We serve all individuals.

Who provides the service

Text and chat are provided by sexual assault advocates. These advocates are trained to support victims/survivors, family and friends of sexual assault victims, professionals who assist victims, and all community members affected by the crime of sexual assault. These advocates are not mental health professionals; they do not provide medical or mental health diagnoses, advice, or treatment. Text and chat advocates provide crisis management, emotional support, resources, and referrals to local services to meet the needs of victims/survivors. They accomplish this through a trauma-informed, survivor centered, and intersectional lens. 

Terms and Conditions Definition

Opt-Out from texting/chat services is voluntary and individuals that wish to obtain support through other means can contact the VOICES4 Hotline or the TTY line (1-855-864-2374 or 517-381-8470). *Standard text messaging rates apply 

Privacy and Confidentiality:

The chat and texting services are provided through Salesforce. These services are intended to be anonymous. You will not be required to provide personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to the following information: your name, address, contact information, date of birth, racial or ethnic background, religious identity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, immigration status, or ability status. 

Records and Data:

Personally identifiable information is not recorded, stored, or saved. Advocates do not retain chat/text transcripts. After the chat/text has ended all information is cleared including the dialogue box, ipp address, and sms text numbers. We do collect aggregated statistical data, such as the number of people served, in order to inform our services and report to our funders. 

If requested by an individual to find local supports or resources, advocates may ask for personally identifiable information in order to obtain the most relevant and applicable resources and services. We are committed to keeping your information confidential. We will not intentionally release any personally identifiable information without your fully informed and written 

consent or as required by Michigan mandated reporting laws. The most confidential and secure method of communication is through our hotline/telephone. If you are concerned about online confidentiality and wish to speak with an advocate, please call 1-855-864-2374. 

Mandated Reporting:

Advocates follow the mandated reporting laws which may require reporting information regarding the abuse or neglect, or suspected abuse or neglect, of someone less than 18 years of age or an incapacitated or vulnerable adult to child/adult protective services. If something you share falls under the mandatory reporting laws, the advocate will inform you of the reporting process and what to expect and help support you through this process. You may choose to stop sharing, request a referral to services better suited to your needs, and/or end the call/chat.