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Support Resources for LGBTQIA+ identifying Survivors of Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence: 



In honor of pride month, we’ve compiled a list of community resources that empower and uplift LGBTQIA+ folx in Michigan! Now, more than ever is the time to come together as a community, grow, and support each other in our PRIDE!  


Out Center located in Benton Harbor Michigan provides many resources to support the changing needs of folx around Southwest Michigan. Counseling support and support groups for transgender, gender fluid, or gender non-conforming folx are just some of the services offered to the community. Out Center also serves as advocates and they provide education resources to help create a trauma informed and resilience focused community for supporting folx who have experienced sexual or domestic violence. 

 Phone: (269) 934-5633              Website:    


First Step is in Plymouth and serves survivors of sexual and domestic violence. They offer a 24/7 support line at 734-722-6800 that offers counseling resources, assault response programs, crisis housing direct services, legal advocacy support.  

Phone: 734-722-6800                   Website:

LGBT Detroit provides free, confidential counseling and crisis intervention for survivors of intimate partner abuse, sexual violence, stalking, and harassment. They also offer crisis housing, support groups for LGBT folx, provide transportation assistance, and legal advocacy.  

Phone: 313-397-2127                   Website: 


Safehouse Center is a survivor centered resource that offers support to LGBTQIA+ folx. They are based out of Ann Arbor, however most of their services are offered virtually at this time. They offer emergency response services, counseling services, legal advocacy, virtual support groups and a 24/7 crisis hotline.  

Phone: 734-995-5444                    Website: 






Crisis Homeless Services and LGBTQIA+ Support: 



Out Front Kalamazoo is in Kalamazoo, however, in person services are closed. This organization provides direct services for homeless LGBTQIA+ youth and support groups for LGBTQIA+ youth and adults. 

Phone: 269-349-4234 or 616-835-8092 (Youth homeless crisis line)                   


Ozone House is a resource for homeless youth in crisis and they also provide shelter to families as well. Their other services include confidential counseling, food support, transportation assistance, substance abuse support. Ozone House provides a safe space called “Pride Zone” that meets online for support, and also acts as a space for youth identifying as LGBTQIA+ to connect.  

Phone: Crisis line 734-662-2222    Website: . 

The Ruth Ellis Center located in Highland Park and they offer an array of different services for LGBTQIA+ folx. They provide crisis homeless youth services, trauma informed youth and young adult peer support groups, HIV testing, health, and wellness support (including mental health) and case management services for homeless youth.  

Phone: 313-867-6936                    Website:  


The following services offer community engagement support for LGBTQIA+: 


Transgender Michigan offers chapters all over the state, and you can visit their website to find the chapter nearest you. They offer advocacy and education resources, lists of local businesses and organizations inclusive of transgender folx, and they offer an emotional support line for transgender folx listed below. You can find the list of businesses and resources on their website listed below.  

Phone 800-842-2954 EXT. 2954     Website: 


Affirmations is a LGBTQIA + based organization based out of Ferndale. Their services include counseling and support groups for both youth and adults that are operating online. This community resources also provides training and advocacy to the community and offers covid-19 resources. 

Phone: 248-398-7105                   Website: 


Jim Toy Community Center is a volunteer run organization based out of Ann Arbor. This center provides an array of different kinds of support groups for the LGBTQIA+ community. Jim Toy Community Center also provides free legal help and offers opportunities to network with the local community. 

Phone: (734) 274-9551                Website:  


Out on the Lakeshore is an organization located in Holland. They offer many services such as support groups for gender divergent folx and offers safe spaces for family and friends to learn about transgender or gender divergent folx 

Phone: 616-994-8090                    Website: