We are committed to helping our member agencies, their communities, and our state and local partners as they work to change the societal norms, practices, and behaviors that allow or condone perpetration of abuse. Our support includes a variety of programs, technical assistance and training that are designed to empower communities to implement prevention activities and programming in ways that are inclusive, relevant and sustainable.

DELTA Impact (Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances) and RPE (Rape Prevention Education) have collaborated to integrate intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual violence prevention work in Michigan. DELTA and RPE prevention work focus on community/societal-level programs, practices, policies and social norms change. Both also support the Activism Conservatory, which is a prevention-oriented community of practice dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence through social justice and prevention efforts. Our goal is to build a structured space where programs doing diverse models of prevention and community-based work can support each other, discuss best-practices, and broaden their work. We focus on several key topics including privilege, marginalization, intersectional identity, inclusion, community trauma, and community organizing. This free prevention resource is open to all members and is unique to Michigan’s prevention work.