UMOJA, which means unity, is an anti-oppression group within MCEDSV. The acronym UMOJA is, “Uniting and Mobilizing Opportunities for Justice and Access.” UMOJA recognizes that race and ethnicity continue to be a worthy and necessary grounding to eliminating barriers in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence. In addition, our umoja/unity is open to those who experience oppression in multiple intersections of their identity.

We consider it our duty to listen intently and respond to the needs and grievances of all marginalized groups. Our work includes:

  • Questioning and assessing institutional barriers within our movement that harm or ignore less privileged people and/or impede their pathways to success.
  • Building and providing opportunities for outreach, mentorship, sponsorship, and guidance.
  • Forming social connections in-person and through technology to be present and available and build community and otherwise promoting cohesion in areas of isolation.
  • Seeking and providing education to fill gaps in our professional educations and consistently recognizing and redressing financial inequities and needs.
  • Examining policy, behaviors, language, and systems within our coalition on scales large and small to honestly address points of privilege and better receive those who are oppressed through multiple intersections of their identity.