The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCEDSV) training and consulting services further our mission of developing and promoting efforts aimed at the elimination of all domestic and sexual violence in Michigan. In order to reach that end, we create and design trainings to meet the needs of agencies and organizations in the state. Our training guide and some sample technical assistance materials are attached under the resource section below. For more information on our work, or to access custom training and technical assistance please feel free to send us a message through the contact us section.

Training Feedback

“This film presented some very uncomfortable (as in, challenging) material that I felt was important for me as a prevention specialist to hear. It was the first time I had ever explored the MR movement, and I appreciated being introduced to it for its role in our work.” – January 2019

“This conference allowed me to tailor my program to what I want to focus on. It gave me materials that will be useful with this endeavor. I left this conference feeling more confident and a sense of where I wanted to take my programming.” – January 2019

“This was an excellent training.  It exceeded my expectations.” – September 2019

“The training was great. We originally reached out to MCEDSV to provide training on Reality Based Leadership and later added DEI with another trainer.  The MCEDSV trainer was able to collaborate with the other trainer and put together a training with all the information that we asked for in a short time frame. All attendees were impressed and learned valuable info in the process!’ – September 2019

“Knowledgeable presenters (as are all of the presenters). Good interaction with the audience. I learned a lot even for working within the mental health field for 10+ years, doing systems change work, and having personal experience with the topic.” – October 2019

“This session was directly related to my work in providing sexual assault services in my community. In addition, I found it to be insightful for the portion of my job that includes community education.  There are a lot of myths around why perpetrators perpetrate, and this session helped give me facts & statistics that help to dispel those myths. “– October 2019

“I found this training to be entertaining and very helpful. It makes me excited to plan a support group.  Thanks so much for all of the information, lessons learned, best practices, tools, etc.” – November 2019

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us. All the hospital staff that attended in person and remotely learned so much from you and it was a pleasure hosting you!” -November 2019

“I liked that staff from the same agencies sat at different tables, and that the training was so interactive. I came away with a lot of good ideas and excellent verbiage. Thank you.” – November 2019

“The training was fantastic, and the venue was wonderful. We are already utilizing the Forward Action Moving graphic, and I’ve created an internal graphic for the 4 questions we ask ourselves before creating policy. I love how networking was built right in to the training.” – November 2019

“Such great trainers. I loved the conversations brought up and I thought the attendees brought a lot of great things to the table.” -November 2019