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Terms of Service

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That State of MI Domestic Violence hotline VOICEDV offers a variety of ways for individuals to get connected to an advocate for the support they need. Below are options for survivors to access an advocate in a method of communications that works best for their needs.

Methods for individuals to access a VOICEDV Advocate:

All services are confidential and free of charge. Advocates are trained to provide immediate crisis counseling, advocacy and referral. Regardless of the option, each survivor has an opportunity to not only be heard and share, but to be believed. This is essential for anyone who has experienced sexual assault.


Chat is a way for survivors to receive services via the MCEDSV website. This is web-based, survivors are encouraged to clear their web browser after each contact.


866-VOICEDV is for survivors who wish to speak with someone about their sexual assault. All calls are answered and survivors can share as much or as little about their assault as they choose.


877-861-0222 is for individuals who prefer the convenience of texting. The text line offers the same confidential and anonymous service as the chat and hotline, with the added convenience of you sending messages discreetly via your mobile device. Survivors are encouraged to delete messages after each text session has ended. *Standard text messaging rates apply


517-898-5533 is for individuals who use a TTY device for communication. Advocates are trained to use the device to assure that survivors are receiving the same level of empathy and support regardless of how they have accessed VOICEDV.