Current Initiative

The DELTA Impact award is a five-year CDC-funded grant to state domestic violence coalitions to implement strategies and approaches designed to prevent intimate partner violence. All DELTA prevention efforts aim to decrease risk factors that may lead to IPV perpetration while also increasing protective factors. The MCEDSV’s prevention initiatives focus on increasing green spaces in areas with high alcohol outlet density and predatory payday loan utilization rates, which are both identified risk factors of IPV perpetration. The three cities that have been selected for greening are Detroit, Kalamazoo, and Houghton, MI. MCEDSV has continued our support of community-based, primary prevention initiatives by providing funding to Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) in Dearborn and Michigan Technological University (MTU) in Houghton. ACCESS is implementing a greening urban spaces initiative and an initiative to increase paid leave policies and economic supports for working families in Dearborn. MTU is implementing an expanded curriculum of Bringing in the Bystander. DELTA Impact continues to support MCEDSV’s commitment to survivor-centered prevention work.