Accomplishments & Projects

Economic Justice

UMOJA has developed the following resource on economic justice to help in anti-oppression work: Economic Justice Whitepaper.


UMOJA Self-Care Guide


UMOJA Care Book

MCEDSV Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset document


Extra Resources

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Care Package. Collection of items created in collaboration with creatives the Smithsonian has worked with over the years. Noted in the introduction is the desire for this collection is to support viewers in developing a sense of calm through the chaos.

Passion Planners are used to support individuals reflect and build towards one’s dreams. The free downloads sections linked can lead one towards developing a planner supportive towards their needs.

Meditation app for the Black community. Available via iOS and Android.

Mindful article outlining a resource guide BIPOC individuals to support mental health and healing.

First part of a Medium series on re-defining self-care.

Self-Care for BIPOC and Tips for Allies.

Article on why Breathwork is Radical Self Care for BIPOC.

Article on about big and small ways to care for self during this time.

Ideas for self-care with the intention that self-care is a development practice not a one-time action.

TA Bundle published on VAWnet by NRCDV that brings together resources that support self-care, resilience, and healing while maintaining a trauma informed approach in supporting survivors.

UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center

Free guided meditation via the UCLA Health – Mindfulness Awareness Research Center. Has guided medications and links to weekly podcasts 30-minute drop in mindfulness meditations.

VAWnet Webinar Series Pt 1 – Keeping Your Cup Full: Self-Care is Essential to Trauma Informed Advocacy

Mental Health Resource Guide compiled by Massachusetts General Hospital for those who identify as BIPOC. While the first section is specifically for items within the greater Boston area, the following sections provide items useful for people regardless of their location.

RESilience Parent Tips for Racial Stress and Self-care via the American Psychological Association. A highlight of the guide is the section on Strategies to deal with racial stress and practice self-care.

Self-care specifically for those in the LGBT+ community. Is an app with specialized programs to support reducing stress and anxiety.

Self-care resources from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.