Goals and Values

MCEDSV Philosophy Statement

Ending domestic and sexual violence against all survivors requires social change that promotes equality through individual, institutional and cultural changes. To this end the MCEDSV will:

  • Provide statewide leadership on public policy issues affecting survivors and the programs that serve them
  • Promote comprehensive, community based social change efforts to end domestic and sexual violence and build peaceful communities
  • Promote the availability and accessibility of high-quality, culturally relevant, domestic and sexual violence services and prevention programs
  • Build capacity for community-specific solutions to ending domestic and sexual violence
  • Strengthen service provider programs
  • Be accountable to survivors
  • Encourage leadership of women

MCEDSV believes that ending domestic and sexual violence requires social change to end sexism, and includes social change to end all forms of oppression. We recognize that oppression based on race, age, sexual orientation, income and physical ability promote and reinforce the belief that it is legitimate for one group of people in our culture to dominate another group.


Commitment to work that is survivor centered, intersectional & trauma informed

The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence hereby states the following:

MCEDSV believes that all oppression is interconnected and it is essential that the Coalition work to end all forms of sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism or other systemic othering that effects survivors of violence.  MCEDSV also acknowledges that survivors are complex and often have deep, interconnected identities, & that failure to recognize this fact has historically interfered with the ability of victims to receive services and seek healing.  MCEDSV further states that the intersection of racism and sexism for victims of violence has had a unique impact on the movement to end violence and victims of violence.  Therefore, to honor all victims, MCEDSV will insure that from now on all of its work will be survivor and person centered, intersectional and trauma informed.  MCEDSV deliberately choses an intersectional lens to ensure that no victim has to choose which part of their identity to honor.  MCEDSV is committed to these three core tenets and will work to insure representation is reflected in all staffing and policies from now on.