Our Team

Chéree Thomas
Co-Executive Director

Merkeb Yohannes
Co-Executive Director

Amanda Barratt
Associate Director

Jack Doupè
Program Director, Technology

Jessica Edel
Empowerment Evaluator and Program Director

Johanna Kononen
Director of Law and Policy

Nick Lynch
Director of Community Outreach

Amy Renshaw
Finance Director

Phalguna Siddapureddy
Program Director, NPM

Justin Paritee

Sarah Jarous
Program Manager of Community Engagement and Planning

Andrea Lage
Senior Program Manager, HR

Karen Paritee
Senior Program Manager, Sexual Violence Hotline

China Aquino
Systems Advocate Program Manager

Josef Canaria
Program Manager

Shayla Davis
Program Manager

Brittni Kellom
Program Manager Trauma Advocate, Survivor Law Clinic

Mary Peterson
Program Manager

Gina Elfenbein
Accounts Senior Program Manager

Annette Frieseman
Program Manager, Hotline

Calisha Ford
Program Manager, Hotline

Robert Kleinhans
Technology Manager

Heath Lowry
Public Policy Specialist, Staff Attorney

Becca Zarras
Staff Attorney

Kayt Dold
Staff Attorney

Elisabeth Dodd
Coordinator, Sexual Violence Hotline

Griselda Garcia
Coordinator, Domestic Violence Hotline

Huan Mastenbrook
Accounting and Administrative Specialist

MCEDSV Board Members

Samara L. Hough, President, University of Michigan Flint – Center for Gender and Sexuality

Elizabeth Campbell, Vice President, Human Trafficking Clinic – University of Michigan Law School

Claudnyse Holloman, Secretary, Voices for Children Advocacy Center

Kim Hurst, Treasurer, Avalon Healing Center

Jami Moran, Member At Large, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians – Advocacy Resource Center (ARC)

Emily Miller, Member At Large, Crime Victims Legal Assistance Project – DV & Elder

Terrie Fiehn, Member At Large, Lakeshore Legal Aid

Raven Hills, Member At Large, West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Sharman Cobb-Davenport, Member at Large, Turning Point, Inc.

Dr. Larmender Davis, Member at Large, Wayne State University

Dr. Celia Thomas, Member at Large, Alternatives For Girls