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Our Concerns with HB 4691

MCEDSV’s Concerns with Presumptive Joint Custody Legislative For decades, Michigan’s family courts have placed the best interests of Michigan’s children at the forefront of any custody decisions in cases where… [ Read More ]

How to Attend Coffee Hours

First impressions matter. Take a moment for a warm greeting. Legislators meet with a lot of people. Make sure to introduce yourself and share your connection to the district (where… [ Read More ]

Ridesharing Safety

Ridesharing use is on the rise. But so are reports of sexual misconduct victimizing rideshare passengers. MCEDSV believes that ending sexual violence requires both prevention through education and awareness, as… [ Read More ]

Dispelling Title IX Myths

The Detroit News recently published the opinion piece “Roll Back the Title IX Madness.” Its author explained that he and his male classmates lived in fear on campus of being… [ Read More ]


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