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Know the Facts: Research on Joint Custody

Joint custody has not been shown to have a positive impact on children when it is not voluntarily agreed to by the parents. The research often used to support joint custody presumptions do not distinguish between arrangements that are voluntarily reached by the parents and those that are imposed by a court (Allen, 2014; Pruett… [ Read More ]

Committee Changes: HB 4691(H2) Compared to the Bill as Introduced

On June 20, 2017, the House Judiciary Committee passed an amended version of HB 4691 (view HERE). The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCEDSV) continues to have serious concerns about this bill and strongly opposes it.  We believe that despite the changes, HB 4691(H2) still: Is dangerous for victims of domestic violence and… [ Read More ]

How to contact your representative and voice your opposition to HB 4691

Earlier this year, HB 4691(H2) passed  the Michigan House Judiciary Committee and was sent to the House floor. It is critical that legislators understand that this bill would create a “one-size-fits-all” presumption of joint physical and legal custody in all child custody cases. Here’s how you can take action to make a difference in 2 easy steps:  Find… [ Read More ]

10 reasons to oppose HB 4691

Joint custody is not right for every family. This “one size fits all” approach to resolving the often difficult issue of child custody cases will not serve the interests of Michigan’s children. Furthermore, it will put child and adult victims of domestic violence at even greater risk for harm. Here are 10 reasons why the Michigan… [ Read More ]

After Homicide Broadcast, Consumers Must Pressure Facebook

Two videos went viral this past month: a United Airlines passenger removal and a murder on Facebook Live. Consumers worldwide threatened to boycott United. This financial pressure caused a private business to make sweeping policy changes. The second video, titled “Slaughter,” remained online for 2-3 hours before Facebook finally took it down. Where’s the outrage… [ Read More ]


International Women’s Day – Detroit If you’re on social media today, you might notice a couple hashtags trending. Whether it’s #ADayWithoutAWoman, #InternationalWomensDay, or #DayWithoutWomen, the conversation isn’t entirely feminist. In fact, much of the tagged online debate today has taken a rather negative tone toward the feminists who encouraged women to effectively go on strike… [ Read More ]

Feminist’s Guide to Detroit: Downtown Edition

Welcome to Detroit. Visiting downtown? Grab 3 quarters, hop on the People Mover (it’s $0.75/ride), and you’ll be on your way to enjoy our Feminist’s Guide to Detroit: Downtown Edition. Okay, so the People Mover doesn’t have a catchy name. And it’s reminiscent of a theme park monorail. Over the years, folks have complained that… [ Read More ]

Top 10 things I learned from Republicans

After a late night of following the election results, I am left with this takeaway. I am a capital “i” Independent. Every election, I regularly split my ticket and vote for a combination of Democrat, Republican and even third party candidates. This year, as usual, I have gone to campaign events for more than one… [ Read More ]