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This Giving Tuesday, #GiveForDV.

Dear Friends of MCEDSV, This holiday season, we can all take action towards creating a safer and more inclusive community for survivors in Michigan. I am asking you to #GiveForDV this Giving Tuesday by donating to MCEDSV. A gift of $50 can go a long way toward addressing survivors’ financial hardships during the pandemic. Before… [ Read More ]

Michigan Therapist Erica Carulli gives us the advice we need this October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Originally posted By Erica Carulli MICHIGAN—”Now, every time I witness a strong person, I want to know: What darkness did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.” That quote comes from Katherine MacKenett and rings true to me as many of our loved ones are struggling financially, socially, and emotionally… [ Read More ]

Gov. Whitmer Proclaims October As DVAM in Michigan

October 2020: Domestic Violence Awareness Month WHEREAS, domestic violence perpetrators intentionally use a pattern of physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and/or economic coercion and abuse to control their intimate partners, violating their dignity, security, and both psychological and physical well-being; and,   WHEREAS, domestic violence perpetrators cause significant and long-lasting trauma to countless individuals and families;… [ Read More ]

Inclusive Sexual Health Matters

September is Sexual Health Awareness month and access to sexual health is a social justice issue. Even more than that, representation within sexual health field is a social justice issue. Comprehensive sexual health education helps achieve reproductive justice. I’ve described the need for sexual health education in previous blogs (right here and here) and noted… [ Read More ]

In Times Like These Self-Care Is Essential

This is an unprecedented time in which we’re all being called to practice social distancing. This may mean staying at home, or you may be going into work as an essential member of society who is maintaining our ability to function through this crisis. Then once you’re able to be at home you practice social… [ Read More ]

Today We Mourn RBG, Tomorrow We Fight For Her Legacy!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RBG. Notorious RBG. She is a symbol of determination, equity, and change. A true feminist icon, RBG’s legacy to enhance women’s liberation is unparalleled. While RBG’s legal contributions have shaped our nation, her influence expands far beyond the legal realm.   Her empowerment transcends generations of people and her popularity has led… [ Read More ]

It’s Okay To Give Yourself Some Love

This is part of a series of blogs for Sex Ed For All Month and International Masturbation Month.  Masturbation goes by many names: solo sex, self-love, intimate alone time, lone rangering, finding Nemo, petting the cat, nulling the void, cuffing the carrot, waxing the dolphin (and many others ). Those of you that know me, … [ Read More ]

Sex Education in Schools and Beyond!

Here’s the deal on Sex Ed in Schools: It’s critical to examine how sex education is facilitated within school systems to understand why we have to advocate for sexual health and education to be facilitated beyond the educational school system. Not only does sexual education vary between school systems across the U.S., but it also… [ Read More ]

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